JA8 Certified



Rayon lighting offers a full line of LED downlights with Title 24 and JA8 certification.
JA8 is a building code requirement for the State of California which must meet specific efficacy,
power factor, CCT, CRI, lifetime, dimming and flicker requirements. Rayon Lighting strives to adhere
to the latest state and federal requirements.

General LED Downlight












REC4R (1000 lm)
REC4R-CTS  (1000 lm)
REC4S  (1000 lm)
REC4S-CTS  (1000 lm)







      REC6R-CTS (900 lm)



Surface Mount

RJL56 - 120V

5"/6" Surface Mount

RBS7 - 277V;0-10V

Builders Plus Surface Mount

RBS7 - 120V;Triac/ELV

Builders Plus Surface Mount





RULB - 11


RULB - 14


RULB - 22


RULB - 29


RULB - 36


RULB - 48