Lutron Athena Wireless Node




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The Athena Wireless Node enables simple, wireless control of individual fixtures with the Athena control System and includes a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for occupancy and a daylight sensor. The Plenum rated node may be installed above the ceiling for wireless control of a fixture without any impact on fixture aesthetics.  The node may fit into a standard knockout and is designed to meet the open, globally-accepted D4I standard. And with black and white options, almost any fixture can be Athena enabled.


• Enables individual, wireless control of each fixture in an Athena control system. Accommodates zone and control changes without rewiring. 
• Typically installed at OEM factory – no wiring required on-site. Fixture is ready to communicate wirelessly once power is connected. 
• DALI-2 and ANSI C137.1 compatible for simple interoperability with third-party LED drivers. 
• All drivers on the link are controlled as a single zone.   

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