Rayon Lighting Group, Inc. /Los Angeles, CA-November 20, 2014:  The Portland Expo Center is Oregon’s largest multi-purpose facility.  The 53 acre campus boasts five spacious exhibit halls totaling over 333,000 square feet and ten varied meeting rooms.  Conveniently located between downtown Portland and Vancouver, Washington, the Expo Center is also only minutes from Portland’s city center as well as the Portland International Airport. 

When it was time to upgrade their interior fixtures, the Expo Center turned to Rayon Lighting’s 30” Induction High Bay.  Rayon Lighting worked closely with the center to achieve appropriate light levels compared to their existing traditional metal halide high bays.  After review, the Expo Center installed a 30” High Bay (T1080-500W) with a 500 Watt Induction lamp and driver.  The large 30” diameter reflector allows greater light coverage per square feet, therefore, requiring less light fixtures and added costs savings.  The Expo Center decided to include a polycarbonate lens and wire guard.  The polycarbonate lens will prevent contaminants entering inside the fixture and will provide even light distribution and glare control for greater comfort for those attending the center.  The wireguard provides added security measures to prevent lamp and/or lens breakage.

As an added measure to boast energy efficiency, Rayon Lighting developed a bi-level lamp platform with Hubbell’s wiHUBB ® wireless controls system integrated within each fixture.  The bi-level induction lamps are controlled with the wiHUBB wireless system.  The easy to use interface provides building owners and facility owners with the ability to schedule and control individual wiHUBB enabled devices, therefore, controlling light levels with ease.

 This energy efficient lighting solution will provide great benefit to the Expo Center by providing 50% in energy savings. Rayon Lighting’s induction light system provides 100,000 hours of life and will provide significant maintenance and utility cost savings.

Rayon Lighting has a comprehensive selection of interior and exterior LED and induction light fixtures with maximum visibility, security, and energy efficiency.  These light fixtures are available in varying wattages, color temperatures, finishes, and controls.   

Rayon Lighting Group, Inc. is an innovative lighting manufacturer dedicated to the development of specification-grade energy efficient lighting fixtures to meet everyday demands in commercial, industrial, and residential markets in LED or induction light source.  Great care is taken in developing and manufacturing lighting products with increased scrutiny to fixture and optical design, functionality, and thermal management for enhanced achievement in light output and life.  As a result, our products have earned Energy Star and Design Light Consortium (DLC) marks.  Rayon Lighting’s products are available nationwide through authorized electrical distributors, lighting showrooms, and select e-retailers.  We service architects, engineers, contractors, and distributors for their lighting needs through our national independent sales representatives.  Please visit www.rayonlighting.com for more information regarding Rayon Lighting.